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How I Overcame Adversity to
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When You Have The Shark Mindset,
You Can Achieve Anything You
Focus Your Mind On And
Dominate Your Industry

The Fastest Path to
Go From a Wannabee to
a Peak Performing Champion...
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"Taking initiative in business means using your skill of mind to take appropriate action when necessary rather than relying upon others, and focusing on taking action when needed, being action-oriented, rather than only being reactive. Taking initiative also means working on progress and trying to achieve great things, even when others aren't looking." Walter Bond in his book Think Execute Win
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Here's How the
Shark Mindset
Enabled Me to Become the First Undrafted Free Agent to Start Opening Night in the
National Basketball Association 
Plus, the opportunity I have for you today to help you achieve your biggest career dream 
While growing up my dream was to become a professional basketball player. And after meeting with recruiters from several colleges, I chose to play for the University of Minnesota.

That was a big step toward my goal to play in the NBA. I was a good player, but not the star player.

Over time, I became the top 6th man in college basketball. I carved out a niche. And we made it to the final eight in my junior year.

All I had to do was have one good year as a senior and I could walk into the NBA.

From Tragedy to Triumph When I
Developed Having The
Shark Mindset

But tragedy struck during the first game of my senior year when I was among the starting five players.

Sadly, I broke my foot.

Then 6 weeks later I broke my foot again. I thought my college career was over. And my NBA dreams were dead.

During my college career, I averaged just 7 points a game.

A season ticket holder offered me a job as a hospital administrator for $75,000.

Just before I accepted that job my Dad called me and asked: Do you believe you are an NBA player?

I did believe. I refocused my mind on achieving my goal, despite all the buts that entered my thoughts.

You see, I had the Shark Mindset. The mindset that anything I focus my mind on I could achieve.

I went to my coach and asked what I needed to do to play in the NBA. He looked confused because it was not too long before he said I couldn't run, shoot, dribble or rebound.

He told me that if I truly wanted to play in the NBA I'd need to lose 15 pounds and be able to shoot the 3-pointer.

My coach also said I'd find a way because I was just like my Dad. I had the shark mindset too.

That's when I started to think like a shark. I acted like a shark. And I was able to achieve the goal - the dream I had of becoming an NBA player - by relentlessly pursuing it, despite the obstacles I had to overcome.

The result... I became the first undrafted free agent in NBA history to start opening night.

Here's How You Can Have the
Shark Mindset 
Every successful player has a good coach.

That's true for athletes, musicians, actors, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, business executives, managers and other professions.

Whatever your career goals are, you can achieve it once you have the Shark Mindset.

That starts with you enrolling in the Shark Mindset course I developed to help you advance your career.

A Course Unlike Any Other

Your success is my goal today.

The Shark Mindset course can help you achieve your potential in the workplace and in life. You'll learn the skills that will be indispensable as you strive to take your career to the next level.

To motivate you to think and act like a shark that keeps moving forward toward your goals, no matter how difficult things may seem.

Plus, you'll learn how to cultivate meaningful relationships to help you climb the ladder of success.

The Shark Mindset course includes 8 modules. In 8 weeks or less you could transform your mind to think, act and behave like a shark to enable you to achieve anything you focus your mind on.

Imagine how much more successful you can be once you apply the skills you'll learn in this Shark Mindset course.

You'll have the opportunity to learn and master the skills of a "shark" that stays focused on achieving its goals, so you can dominate your market niche.

There are many more skills that Walter will teach you throughout the course - all of which can help you advance your career to higher earning power.

Plus, when you enroll today, you'll have the opportunity to receive 3 recordings from me to help motivate you to complete the program.

Plus, an invitation to attend my monthly group coaching sessions.

If you enroll today, you'll also receive access to a companion course I developed called "Lead by Drew" at no charge to help you further develop the skills to be a peak performer.

You'll also be able to ask me questions so I can help you better understand the course material.

The course is recorded, so you'll have access in the days, weeks and months ahead - should you need to review the information in the year ahead.

When you show me your progress as a peak performer I'll also provide you with a recommendation letter to help advance your career.

A Value Greater Than Gold That's
Affordable During Today's Volatile Economy

Advancing your career where you could elevate your income requires a big commitment.

The value you'll receive can provide you with a massive return on investment - a potential higher income throughout the rest of your career.

The good news is the fee for the course is much less than what you'd think it would be. That's because I believe giving is worth more than receiving.

So I'm willing to provide you with an opportunity to learn the Shark Mindset to help you achieve your dreams.

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