About Walter Bond

A Journey Toward Peak Performance

A high-school basketball star, Walter Bond nevertheless spent four years fighting for playing time at the University of Minnesota. His dreams of playing professional basketball appeared distant, at best. College bench players just don't play in the NBA.

But Walter knew that he wouldn't be satisfied until he commited every ounce of his will to becoming the player he knew he could be. He strove harder than ever to identify and hone the mental skills and physical tools required for success at the highest level of his profession.

He worked everyday. And he worked his way into the starting lineup of the Dallas Mavericks on his way to a successful pro-basketball career.

Taking Peak Performance from the Court to the Boardroom

Walter's stunning journey left a burning question in his mind? What truly separates those players who make it from those who don't? What separates businesses that change the world from those that never get off the ground?

Walter began studying these questions with a new vision in mind: succeed by helping others achieve their own dreams and build their own businesses. He dedicated himself to mastering peak performance.

15 years later, Walter has become one of the most sought after business peformance experts and speakers in the nation.

Leaders from some of the most sucessful corporations in the world seek out Walter's wisdom. To make his insigbhts available to business owners everywhere, he founded Walter Bond Coaching.

His goal? Develop impact learning resources and a personalized executive coaching methodology to Walter's book "All Buts Stink!" is a great place to start. And Walter is offering it free to all those interested in furthering their vision for a great business.

If you'd like to learn more, take a look at our selection of self-learning products . Or contact us today to learn about our Peak Perfromance Coaching offerings.