What doe our attitude say about your success?

Iron Sharpens Iron
February 8, 2017
April 20, 2017

As I travel the world delivering keynote speeches I interact with people in various stages of their career.
It’s not hard for me to determine who the successful people are, be it the cashier at the airport snack shop or the pilot. There is one thing that reveals their success, and that is their attitude.
We have all heard the saying “your attitude will determine your altitude;” what a true statement!

Today I am going to briefly share with you 2 keys to a successful attitude:

  • Make the most out of every situation: You must look at everything
    that comes your way as a test of your resourcefulness and attitude.
  • Have short-term memory: Have short-term memory when it comes to negative experiences and save the positive experiences for your long-term memory.

What does your attitude say about your success? Are you clinging to the negative that happened last week while the joy of having an awesome 2016 has faded from your mind?

Are you letting the challenges of life pull you down or are you moving on with your head held high?

If you want to find success you must make the most out of every situation, discipline your thoughts, be selfless and have short-term memory. Your attitude will drive your behavior.

In my book All Buts Stink I take a deep dive into the 4 keys to a successful attitude. If you are interested in removing your “but” and learning how to master the 4 keys to a successful attitude, review chapter 1 of All Buts Stink. If you have not yet purchased your copy you can get it here.

Now get out there and show the world your successful attitude.

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