Keep It Real
January 27, 2017
What doe our attitude say about your success?
February 16, 2017

This month has been so busy I even got sick. I never get sick; I mean, it’s usually once every few years. I knew it was because I had been working so hard; I’d worn myself down. Business has been so hectic I even flew Antoinette in to meet me at one of my pit stops. Hectic!

Well, I had invited some friends down to Florida to golf, fish and have fellowship for the weekend. When I landed Thursday night at midnight, completely exhausted, I had no time to rest because the guys’ weekend was set to commence in a few hours.

I love my guys Milton & Kevin but I almost regretted our weekend because I felt like what I really needed was rest. Boy, was I wrong; what I needed wasn’t rest, just some good fellowship. In fact, we were active non-stop the entire time they were here. Minus a brief nap after our fishing expedition, which netted us no fish by the way, we ripped and ran all weekend long. As I dropped them off at the airport today, I noticed I had more energy, more focus. I was ready to attack life a little bit better holistically. I feel sharper, because iron sharpens iron.

Question for you: how good is your fellowship? How good are your partnerships? Do they bring you energy or wear you out? Who you choose to have fellowship with is a powerful decision that only you can control.

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